Mark Horne



    Illinois Institute of Technology
  • BS Mechanical Engineering


Dennis Cote has specialized in environmental engineering air emission characterization and pollution control system technologies for over 40 years, with extensive experience in the surface coating, metal decorating and printing industries, including:

  • Evaluation and specification of air emissions control technologies for the control of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and air toxic emissions. Extensive experience with thermal recuperative, thermal regenerative and catalytic oxidizer control technologies, as well as carbon adsorption solvent recovery systems. Control systems included specification of secondary heat recovery systems for process and building energy heat recovery. Experience with application of NESHAP specific controls such as mesh pad air filtration systems for control of chrome mist emissions.

  • Air emission evaluations for VOCs, air toxics and chrome mist, including system performance and compliance tests. Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) safety testing of press dryers and automatic blanket washing systems for VOC explosion hazards, primarily in the printing industry.

  • Evaluation of dust explosion hazards in process handling and shop floor ambient work environments relative to NFPA Standards and OSHA guidance (emphasis on paper dust hazards).

  • Evaluation of Permanent Total Enclosure designs for capture and control of process emissions.


  • Registered Professional Engineer - Illinois

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